Review - A Song For Galway



‘A Song for Galway to ignite pride Galway Bayside’ (A Review from Marty McCool Music Reviews–  Latest Galway Music Release ‘A Song For Galway’ is a new, original Irish Folk song by local Singer/Songwriter Colin Fahy, written especially for the Tribesmens’ 2017 campaign for a first Liam McCarthy Cup since 1988.  Essentially a folk–ballad, Colin Fahy’s wonderful song possesses resonant, meaningful lyrics and contains Galway touchstones and references – such as 'The West Awake' and ‘The Galway Shawl’ – that are sure to revive memories and sentiments for many Galweigians around the world.  The song also contains no small dosage of Galway, Maroon pride! ‘A Song For Galway’ is partially a memorial to the late, great Tony Keady and the song has certainly done his memory and legacy full justice, so congratulations to Colin Fahy on that front.  Colin Fahy’s composition will go down as one of the all–time great Galway Songs automatically taking its place alongside such classics as The Saw Doctors’ song ‘N17’ and Mundy’s ‘Galway Girl’.  ‘A Song For Galway’ is suffused with Maroon Galway pride and I can envisage this song being sung on manys a late night in Galway pubs for decades to come.  As GAA Songs go perhaps this one more closely resembles Wexford’s 1996 All–Ireland Anthem ‘Purple And Gold’(which was co–written and performed by Brendan Wade of Cry Before Dawn with Paul Bell under the banner of the Wild Swans) than the more rocky 2012 famous Donegal tune ‘Jimmy’s Winning Matches’.  I personally think that ‘A Song For Galway’ has good potential for a single/CD release and I very much hope that proves to be the case.  ‘A Song For Galway’ is a fantastic and substantial piece of songwriting from an emerging Galway Artist who has the potential to go a long, long way in the fiercely competitive world of Music.  I fully hope that the success he thoroughly deserves comes his way...”(Marty McCool Music Reviews, Bearna, Gaillimh, 2017)

Marty McCool(Marty McCool Music Promotions) has worked with some world–class artists over the years, including Chicagoan Singer Michael McDermott–Murphy (Stephen King’s Favourite Singer) and Heather Horton–Murphy, Wexford Folk legend Darren Byrne, Liam O’Flynn of Planxty and Steve Wickham of The Waterboys/NoCrows, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Kieran Kennedy, the Keane Family(Sean, Dolores and Matt) here in Galway, Eurovision star Mickey(Joe) Harte, LA–based Piano Artist Robbie McDonald and James Kilbane to name just some, and he feels that “Galway is the perfect town to be if you’re a musician or a busker.  It’s a very cool scene here and there is an audience and place for everyone.”